A Letter To My Inner Self

Dear Scott,

I hear that you’ve been pretty down lately, feeling as though you’re being crushed by the world and shut out from it. Questioning your value as a professional, a man, and a human being. We’ve known each other a long time, so I feel like I can be honest with you. I don’t know another person who has accomplished what you have, even if there hasn’t been another notch added to your belt in the last three or four years. I’m not looking for a debate or to coddle you back into good spirits. Sit back and allow me to tell you who you REALLY are.

  1. You have a great sense of humor and can pop off random witticisms at the drop of a hat.
  2. You are a risk-taker, willing to put yourself on the line in the pursuit of excellence.
  3. Your intelligence at times is mind-blowing. No wonder you were able to pick up two graduate degrees in completely different fields.
  4. The creativity you have shown in the development and authoring of the first three books in the “Love Out Loud” series is a reminder that you have always had the chops when it came to writing, be it research-based, technical, or fictional.
  5. You’ve always been a great self-esteem booster for others, their own personal cheerleader and hype man.
  6. Your heart cares tremendously for those who may not have had the same level of opportunities as you were given.
  7. You are loyal to a fault most of the time.

Having said that, there are a few things we need to work upon.

  1. Your inability to let yourself say what you truly think and feel for fear of rejection or a misunderstanding.
  2. Related to that, your current risk-adverseness is leaving you in the dust when it comes to opportunities both business and personal.
  3. The anxiety you carry around to keep things calm and non-confrontational is holding you back from being a better version of yourself.
  4. The living of an inauthentic life because you’re afraid to ask for what you want and desire.
  5. How you get paralyzed when confronted by thoughts you want to have but believe you shouldn’t acknowledge.
  6. How you let people slip away from you because you’re either too aggressive or too reserved.

Something needs to happen, and I’m not exactly sure where that “boost” will come from. Go to Corner House on Wednesday, have the sit-down with Rachel that you told Stephany you were going to have a month ago., and get your ideas for the OTHER 6 four-years in or abutting the county on the table. See where it goes. Keep reaching out to people you want to make a connection with, and hopefully there will be a positive response. I see the loneliness you carry around and it has to be a pain in the heart to feel like you’re being ignored or unacknowledged. One day at a time, brother. One day at a time.



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