US Curling Power Rankings – February 9, 2017

After a hiatus brought on by the author’s up-and-down health and a fried laptop, we are back with an updated ranking ahead of this week’s USA Nationals. Results from the Challenge Rounds play a role in some re-shuffling, but most if not all teams have settled into their place in the pecking order. Consider this the final “regular season” poll, with the previous five months taken into account and recent results weighted heavier.


  1. Heath McCormick (PW: 1)
  2. Craig Brown (PW: 2)
  3. John Shuster (PW: 3)
  4. Todd Birr (PW: 5)
  5. Brady Clark (PW: 4)
  6. Pete Fenson (PW: NR)


  1. Nina Roth (PW: 1)
  2. Cory Christensen (PW: 2)
  3. Jamie Sinclair (PW: 4)
  4. Cassie Potter (PW: 3)
  5. Cristin Clark (PW: 6)
  6. Jessica Schultz (PW: 5)


Later today, a preview of the USA Nationals will come out, with analysis and predictions (just remember, don’t go to Vegas and spend the rent money on my selections).

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