US Curling Power Rankings – November 15, 2016

Five US-based teams participated in the Grand Slam of Curling Tour Challenge this past weekend in Cranbrook, BC (John Shuster in the Tier I event, with Craig Brown, Brady Clark, Nina Roth, and Cory Christensen in Tier II). All five made it through pool play into either tiebreakers (Shuster and Christensen) or the quarterfinals. With none of the teams advancing past the semifinals in their event, there was a little shifting in the rankings, but not much.


  1. Heath McCormick – Idle.
  2. Craig Brown – 4-2 in Tier II, semifinalist.
  3. Todd Birr – Idle.
  4. Brady Clark – 2-3 in Tier II, made playoffs.
  5. John Shuster – 2-2 in Tier I pool play, lost tiebreaker. (PW:6)
  6. Brandon Corbett – Idle. (PW: 5)


  1. Jessica Schultz – Idle.
  2. Jamie Sinclair – Idle.
  3. Nina Roth – 4-1 in Tier II, made playoffs. (PW: 4)
  4. Cory Christensen – 2-2 in Tier II pool play, lost tiebreaker. (PW: 3)
  5. Cassie Potter – Idle.
  6. Cristin Clark – Idle.


This week’s action will be at the DEKALB Superspiel in Morris, MB, where five US men’s teams (including McCormick and Birr) Fensonand three US Women’s teams (Schultz, Sinclair, and Potter) are in the fields.


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