Calling Time

I am very good at telling myself what I need to do, and knowing what should happen, but then not acting on it. On my sabbatical last fall, I said that I needed to re-consider my employment situation and see if something better was possible. Fast-forward a few months and the resulting changes to the management team at my place of employment should have been the signal that I needed to move. The past month, however, has been the 2×4 to the side of the head that was necessary to spur action. After 11 years with my current employer (in a job that was supposed to be six months at most to get us re-settled in Wisconsin back in 2005), I am going to be departing at some point in the near future. The physical, mental, and emotional manifestations of the stress I encounter there on an almost-daily basis make the situation untenable, and since I can’t eradicate the cancer which is causing the distress (and believe that advanced intervention has done and will do no good in relieving it), it’s best that I remove myself from it. I am meeting this afternoon with a couple of trusted men who have gone through job transitions in the past couple of years at around the age which I am now. Hopefully, they will reinforce my own thinking about the situation, share their experiences with moving jobs (or industries) in middle age, and offer some guidance on how to get from Point A to Point B. My sincere hope is that I can land something new soon so that I am able to transition to the new gig following the new year, with my separation from the current one coming prior to the holidays.

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One thought on “Calling Time

  1. Good luck, Scott. I was let go from a 19 yr job at the age of 57. It was hard to swallow, but I’ve found great joy doing something I love. I’m not denying it can be a struggle at first, but persevere, there is something good out there!

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