US Curling Power Rankings – October 18, 2016

This week’s rankings change very little from those of seven days ago. On the women’s side, the top five teams stay put while Cristin Clark enters the rankings at 6th following her 2-3 performance at the Hub International Crown of Curling in Kamloops, BC. The men’s poll has Brady Clark moving up from 4th to 3rd as a result of his semifinal finish in Kamloops and Pete Fenson dropping from 6th to 8th after a 1-3 outing at the Canad Inns Men’s Classic in Portage La Prairie, MB. Below are the two polls, but read on following that for an explanation of how equal results that create unequal outcomes are handled by the ranking, with examples from this past week’s action.


  1. Heath McCormick
  2. Craig Brown – 3-3 at Portage La Prairie, win over John Shuster, missed playoffs
  3. Brady Clark – Semifinalist in Kamloops, 5-3 for the event
  4. Todd Birr
  5. John Shuster – 3-3 at Portage La Prairie, missed playoffs
  6. John Shoesmith
  7. Lyle Sieg
  8. Pete Fenson – 1-3 at Portage La Prairie, missed playoffs


  1. Cory Christensen
  2. Nina Roth
  3. Jessica Schultz
  4. Jamie Sinclair – 2-2 in pool play at the Atkins Curling Classic, made playoffs by tiebreaker
  5. Cassie Potter – 2-2 in pool play at the Atkins Curling Classic, missed playoffs on a tiebreaker
  6. Cristin Clark – 2-3 in Kamloops, missed playoffs

At the Atkins Curling  Classic, 11 teams finished 2-2 in pool play, with only three spots available in the playoffs. Jamie Sinclair made the playoffs out of that logjam, while Cassie Potter did not. So how does our ranking handle that situation when determining who had the better week? We consider those to be equal results for the event UNLESS the team which makes the playoffs ends up advancing in the bracket, while not penalizing said team for their additional loss in the quarterfinal.

In a triple-knockout tournament like the Canad Inns Men’s Classic, two teams (or more) can have equal win-loss results but be eliminated at vastly different times in the event, based almost entirely on the order of those wins and losses. Craig Brown lost his opener, then picked up three straight wins to advance to the B-semi, only to lose there and again in the C-semi to be eliminated. John Shuster, however, won his opener, then lost his next two to end up in the C-bracket before winning his way to the C-final, where the luck would run out. Both rinks finished at 3-3 and missed the playoffs, so are judged to have had equal weeks (head-to-head and run-of-results being other factors for consideration).

Week 10 sees the women’s teams heading to Portage La Prairie, MB (Cory Christensen, Nina Roth, and Jamie Sinclair) and Medicine Hat, AB (Jessica Schultz) for events, while Heath McCormick’s rink will be playing in Gatineau, QC. As always, check out CurlingZone for updates and line scores from the events.


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