US Curling Power Rankings – October 11, 2016

The St. Paul Cash Spiel brought all the top US teams together for a true comparison of who’s hot and who’s not on the circuit. The top-ranked rinks led by Heath McCormick and Cory Christensen came away with the titles and as such retained their #1 places in the rankings. However, much as I warned in the event preview last week, a fair amount of movement could be expected in the new poll, which is true, more so on the men’s side than the women’s.


  1. Heath McCormick – Perfect week in St. Paul, going 7-0 en route to the title, including wins over #2 Craig Brown and #3 Todd Birr. 21-7 on the season.
  2. Craig Brown – Perfect until a loss in the final to McCormick. Wins over Birr and #5 John Shuster.
  3. Todd Birr – Went 4-2 in making the semifinal, punctuated by a win over #4 Brady Clark in the quarterfinals.
  4. Brady Clark – Perfect in round-robin, but upended by Birr in the playoff opener.
  5. John Shuster – 3-1 in pool play to make his first playoff of the season. Slowly moving back up the poll. Still under .500 (10-12).
  6. Pete Fenson – 2-2 in pool play, missed playoffs.
  7. John Shoesmith – Idle since the Cloverdale Cashspiel, but stays in on the basis of a 4-1 record at the event.
  8. Lyle Sieg – 1-3 in St. Paul, missing the playoffs.


  1. Cory Christensen – Won the St. Paul Cash Spiel, going 5-1 with wins over #2 Nina Roth and #4 Jamie Sinclair.
  2. Nina Roth – Continues her run of decent results, running the table in pool play and picking up wins over Sinclair, #3 Jessica Schultz, and #5 Cassie Potter on the way to the final. Best win-loss record of the US teams (14-10).
  3. Jessica Schultz – A second consecutive playoff appearance and second win of the season over Christensen jumps her up the rankings. Went 4-2 and made the semifinals.
  4. Jamie Sinclair – Another positive weekend (3-2 overall, semifinal appearance), with a win over Potter in pool play.
  5. Cassie Potter – Goes 2-2 in her first competition of the season.

This week’s action sends some US rinks to Manitoba (men in Portage la Prairie, women in Winnipeg) and British Columbia (Kamloops for both the men and women), with others idle. Catch all the action on CurlingZone.


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