US Curling Power Rankings – September 27, 2016

Following this past weekend’s events in Saskatoon, SK (College Clean Restoration Curling Classic) and Kitchener-Waterloo, ON (KW Fall Classic), there is a bit of a shake-up in the rankings, with Pete Fenson (7th to 3rd) and Cory Christensen (4th to 1st) making the largest jumps. None of the five US men’s rinks in Saskatoon made it to the final eight, while both of the US women’s rinks at the KW advanced to the playoffs (giving each of the four US teams one playoff appearance on the season). Additionally, Mark Haluptzok played in the Mother Club Fall Curling Classic in Winnipeg, MB, going 1-4 in round-robin and missing the playoffs. With 11 US men’s rinks having competed at least once thus far, I am going to trim back how many are listed in the weekly ranking (all rinks will be ranked, however). Previous rankings can be found here and here.


  1. Heath McCormick – 2-3 in the CCR, missed playoffs.
  2. Brady Clark – 2-3 at the CCR, missed playoffs.
  3. Pete Fenson – 3-3 at the CCR, with wins over Craig Brown (A-draw) and Brady Clark (B-draw); missed playoffs.
  4. John Shoesmith – Idle
  5. Lyle Sieg – Idle
  6. John Shuster – 4-3 at the CCR, made the A-finals and C-finals; missed playoffs.
  7. Craig Brown – 2-3 at the CCR, missed playoffs.


  1. Cory Christensen – Semifinalist at the KW (4-2), top seed after pool play
  2. Jamie Sinclair – Idle
  3. Nina Roth – Idle
  4. Jessica Schultz – 3-2 at the KW, made playoffs.

The next major event for the US teams is the St. Paul Cashspiel, October 7-9. Expect another shake-up of the poll following that event. I will post a preview next week following my trip to the Twin Cities and visit to the St. Paul Curling Club.


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