It’s Been A While

So I haven’t been particularly good with posting. Usually, I come up with great ideas for entries, or get impassioned with something that needs to be spoken about, but by the time I get time to sit down and bat it out, the impetus has left. So what has happened in the past four months since I last spoke?

  • The day job is still the day job.  It has its ups and downs (more the latter than the former), but it keeps the roof over our heads and food on the table. The temporary management squad that we had at the time of my last post (where I went off the rails) has become permanent, making what I do less predictable and more “know your allies and be cordial to those who aren’t”. The new leadership offered me a chance to switch to a newly-created position (part of a overhaul at the corporate level of the logistics process), but the move would have lowered my effective pay rate, hampered my schedule flexibility, and removed me from those allies and what I LIKE doing in my current job. Hence, I turned it down.
  • Rest, rest, and more rest.  A number of the plans we had for this past summer didn’t come to pass, mainly because the pipe band schedule changed on an almost-weekly basis (new events for the group that ultimately didn’t come off more than additions). We made it to Summerfest (twice), Irish Fest (all four days), Port Washington Fish Day (plus a side visit to the Duluth Trading Company), and the Wisconsin State Fair, but beyond that it was a fairly uneventful summer. Not a bad thing, mind you, just the truth.

Now that I’ve caught up, here’s what next. I will be heading to the Twin Cities in two weeks to visit my mom, sister, and her family. On that trip, I plan to plunge into the local curling community and learn more about what is happening in the US with the sport and see how I can get involved. If you’re reading this, are part of that community, and have time to share your knowledge with me when I’m there (Sept. 29-Oct. 2), drop me an email or hit me up on Twitter or Facebook. I’m also planning to start a small on-going project today involving a power ranking for US curling teams (non-exclusive, non-scientific, and definitely not something you want to use to place wagers on matches). It’s a toe into the water that will make me feel as though I am paying SOME level of attention to the American game and not just focused on the Canadian/European/Asian teams in the Slams and on the World Curling Tour.

It’s Tuesday, so time to get the house back in order and enjoy my respite from the store.


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