Getting My Mind Back

I had another blow-up at work on Friday, and this one almost got me the ziggy because store leadership actually saw me light up one of my fellow team members. The outbursts have been more frequent in the past couple of months as the higher-ups keep changing our processes for the sake of efficiency, modeling “best practices”, and meeting goal times and payroll, which has caused them to shift my primary work area and not provide sufficient support in that part of the process (goes back to payroll and the best practice issue, but doesn’t change the facts of the matter or the necessity of what is needed to make it work). After stepping back from it and looking from the outside, the main trigger is that the day job is the only thing I have more or less going currently (and that is NOT how I operate), thus leaving me with no place to stimulate my brain or practice creativity like I had when I ran MUSC.

A short day yesterday (made so by that aforementioned payroll problem) left me with a three-plus hour gap between my ending time and that of my wife. When that happens on the weekends, I head home and use the time to take care of housework. During the week, however, I don’t want to necessarily go that route, and doing so would not have helped with my “nothing to do” issue that has been bogging me down. I also realized that if I am serious about my new path back into sports, then I need to block out time to work on it, both as a means of advancing on that path and as a way to use my brain in productive ways that aren’t happening at the day job. Hence, I took what I called a mental health morning and, after a long post-work conversation with a longtime friend of mine (I’ve known him for more than half my life), sat down and started playing with this “spiel-for-all” concept that I have mentioned previously and which I hinted at in my last piece on growing the sport. Got some goals/objectives on paper, jotted out a framework schedule, tested some various sizes of fields (it’s not as easy to fit the format into the desired time frame and meet some of the goals upon which the event would be based). It’s nowhere NEAR ready for public consumption (I need to do a LOT more research and learning about how these events run), but it’s a positive step forward and brought me an odd sense of accomplishment and inner peace.

It’s Tuesday, which means a day off from the store, cheap pizza from Papa Murphy’s to procure, and the weekly run of laundry to handle. The dishes can be done another time.


4 thoughts on “Getting My Mind Back

  1. Glad that you were able to do something constructive to help you relax. It’s good to have longtime friends to talk to in your time of need. How long have you been friends with this person and would I know him?Take care and hope things improve on the job and in your free time.


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