It’s Been A While

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote my last entry in here.  What you’ll get today is a quick recap of that time and some thoughts/takes on life.

  • Our board at Milwaukee United Soccer Club met last week and decided to wind up the club effective the end of 2015.  We came in a little short of budget for this past season (due entirely to not having enough players on the roster to meet our expense projections) and thus are inviting people to help us finish in the black through donating at the MUSC homepage (  A fuller explanation of our decision can also be found there.
  • Fourth Quarter is in full swing, but oddly enough I am not feeling particularly stressed-out by it.  With our store starting the logistics process at 2am (with random overnights) and my coming in at 4am, I am able to jump right into my task area the minute I walk in and help the team get more done quicker.  We are taking five trucks between this morning and and tonight (have to get the Thursday trucks in with Thanksgiving being an off-day), but I am off on Tuesdays so I won’t see the overall effect until tomorrow morning and hope that there will be enough to do to keep me busy for the duration of my shift and beyond.
  • Chaos is rearing its head again in college football, with this weekend’s slate of games threatening to harm the playoff hopes of several long-time powers (Alabama, Oklahoma, Notre Dame) and elevate lesser-known and established teams (Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, North Carolina) into the conversation.  My CHAOS meter is set with eight results that would shake up the pecking order and create a bit of a logistical headache for the selection committee.  They are: Auburn over Alabama; Oklahoma State over Oklahoma; TCU over Baylor; Nebraska over Iowa; South Carolina over Clemson; Florida State over Florida; Stanford over Notre Dame; and Navy over Houston.  The first result would send a three-loss Ole Miss team to the SEC Championship game (presuming they beat Mississippi State) with the next two leaving the Big XII with Oklahoma State as champion and the only team in the conference with fewer than two losses.  Results four and five would give Iowa and Clemson their first losses of the season ahead of their respective conference championship games, with Notre Dame and Florida picking up the dreaded second losses of the campaign via results six and seven.  The final one would give Navy a berth in the American Athletic Conference championship game and would leave it as arguably the highest-ranked Group of Five team and thus eligible for a spot in a New Year’s Six bowl, which with the traditional Army/Navy game scheduled for December 12 (after the bowl bids would normally come out on December 8) would force the selection committee to either give the Midshipmen the NY6 slot without regard for the result of the Army game or postpone those selections until December 13th.

The time away from the club gave me a bit of rest, but it didn’t answer the question of what’s next.  Guess I will need to figure that out before things can develop into a new normal.


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