Let Me Off

This post is one that has been weeks in the making, but which I have dreaded actually writing.  As much as it aches me personally to say this, I am done with running Milwaukee United Soccer Club.  A combination of factors have led me to this conclusion, all of which I have hinted at in previous blog posts and will not re-iterate here.

Where does that leave us, then?  A meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled for mid-November, at which the future direction of the club will be determined.  For the time being, all programs and operations are suspended pending that meeting.  If MUSC is dissolved, my hope is that it can be done by the end of the calendar year.  As for me, I return to the day job tomorrow with the end of the store’s remodel and the Halloween season and the start of Fourth Quarter on my plate there over the next two-to-three weeks.