It’s been three weeks since my last update and some decisions are being made about the future.  Here they are:

1) Sabbatical extended to November 15.  With our vacation pushed back into mid-October and my own “not yet ready to return” stretching out, I am going to add on two more weeks to my time away.  By doing this, it will also allow a few other events to come and pass (a pair of medical appointments for myself, Celtic Nations’ last performance for 2015, conference tournaments and the first weekend of the NCAA tournaments) that may have an effect on other decisions.

2) 2016 summer season hiatus.  I am taking the 2016 Women’s Premier League season off.  Whether we have a team on the field next year will be determined by the returning players (or new ones) taking up the legwork of recruiting and administrative management.  I’ll offer assistance to navigating the NCAA rule book regarding Division I players (release dates and school maximums) and the process for registration of the team and players with Wisconsin Soccer Leagues, but will not be responsible for the 9011 little (and big) things that take up time and energy in keeping all the ducks in a row.

Other decisions about my future role with the club and life in general will be forthcoming following the vacation and other events on the calendar between now and then.  Options include: retirement; stepping down from day-to-day management but staying on the board to oversee and orchestrate the planned expansion/revision; winding down the club.  After 7 1/2 years, it might just be time for me to move on and let someone else (if willing) take on this call to arms, and I believe I will be OK with that should it come to pass.


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