Anatomy of a Break

Since my last posting, life has moved along with some good and some bad.  Here is a daily breakdown:

Sept. 5:  Heidi’s band (Celtic Nations Pipes and Drums) participated in their final competition of the 2015 season at the Wisconsin Highland Games in Waukesha, surprisingly taking first place in Grade IV (here is a video of their performance) on a VERY hot day for wearing wool kilts and marching/playing.

Sept. 6:  From an absolute high of the previous day came a deep sorrow, as our beloved Brendan crossed the rainbow bridge in Heidi’s arms just after we returned home from work.

Sept. 7:  I crashed HARD as the numerous stresses and the emotional roller coaster of the past several months finally caught up with me.  A seemingly light pair of days after Waukesha should have had me all fire-and-brimstone on my day off (the 8th), but that would be used to right the mental/emotional ship.

Sept. 10:  I met with my pastor to work through a number of the questions I have regarding this time away.  Her best advice was that I would probably have to “lead into” some of the changes (be it with work, the MUSC board, my workload following the sabbatical) rather than being able to pre-plan their eventual outcomes.  Not exactly the answer I was hoping to get (I’m a planner through-and-through and would rather not burn time and effort, especially if there is a chance that I will choose to wind down the club and thus want to not carry it into the 2016 tax year).

Sept. 11:  I spent some time working through the potential board expansion.  We would go from 3 directors to 7, add people from outside the general Milwaukee area, and fill in some key posts (accounting, youth, and development being the most important).  After playing with the matrix of wants/needs, the layout still needs a little bit of work.  I also had a conversation with a potential board member later in the day about the game, the club, my sabbatical, and other topics.

Sept. 12:  This evening, we were at Mitchell Airport for the homecoming celebration of the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight (Heidi plays with the Greater Milwaukee Fire and Police Pipes and Drums as part of the event).  Honor Flight takes local World War II and Korean War veterans to Washington, DC to see their memorials on the National Mall as well as Arlington National Cemetery.  A slideshow of the homecoming is available here.

We have booked a getaway for mid-October to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (lots to do, relatively quiet, and no one to see).  This will be our first real vacation since moving back to Milwaukee and will hopefully provide the right amount of rest and regeneration to carry us through the travails of Fourth Quarter at the store and my return to business with the club (I’m STILL not saying it’s a definite that I will return or when…taking it one day at a time).


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