Pre-Sabbatical Entry #2

Tonight’s board meeting for Milwaukee United Soccer Club will lay the groundwork and framework for my upcoming sabbatical.  Tasks will be delegated/prioritized, the things I will choose to focus upon while away from the 24/7 hamster wheel will be fleshed out, and an airing of the situation will be done (how this past season went, what wasn’t good, what to do for 2016, etc.).  With my sabbatical beginning officially on Saturday, here are some of my thoughts heading into it.

The questions I have about my path forward in life (personally, professionally, philanthropically) won’t be answered by quickly jumping from one situation to another.  It will be as the result of determining if I want to stay where I am (and doing what I am doing) or not.  If the answer is no, THEN I will begin the work of seeking out what might be my next calling (or perhaps have a time where I don’t have one and just “am”).  I might find passion for something else, but my skill set or the time commitment aren’t a good fit, and I will need to be OK with not pursuing that opportunity.

Gainful employment will also be evaluated in the midst of this searching.  I have stayed put in my current job because it has provided enough income to keep things going on the home front and enough schedule flexibility for me to be on the 24/7 hamster wheel with MUSC.  If the future doesn’t require me to treat my “day job” as a second priority in order to devote significant time to my outside work, then staying in my current position with the current wage/hours isn’t necessary (thank you, ACA, for decoupling health insurance from workplace benefits), and another endeavor can be considered.  Again, the questions and answers won’t come through snap decision-making, but by letting things unfold mentally and spiritually.

I will most likely put up another entry on Friday with what is my starting point for this journey and some specifics on the questions I am considering/tasks I’m undertaking.  Any advice, wisdom, suggestions, or positive juju you want to send my way will be most appreciated.


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