Quick Takes

Personal thoughts:

* Ten days (more or less) until I walk away from the club for 2 1/2 months and my motivation to wrap up things in preparation for it is minimal.

*  I am finding myself drawn (at least mentally) to consider other avenues of sport that will on the one hand allow me to reclaim my fandom while on the other advance greater social ends than my present situation.

*  Moving in that direction, however, cannot be done in a short sabbatical like I will have (probably would need 6 months instead of 2-3), but a specific project related to soccer and youth development can be done in that time span.

*  The absolutists are slowly sapping my energy to be involved in the larger conversations regarding sport, our society, or much of anything.

Soccer thoughts:

*  Tom Durkin REALLY needs to be gone from the Boston Breakers.

*  Crystal Dunn has laid out the best “I don’t need the Fed’s imprimatur to become a great player” argument imaginable by her play for the Washington Spirit this year (12 goals, odds-on MVP).

*  The Republic of Ireland’s men’s team looks to be facing a similar moment to what we saw with USWNT over the last two years (players hanging on for that “one more shot”) with the workable World Cup qualifying draw they received.

*  The game of soccer is SO MUCH BIGGER than the little corners that the tunnel-visioned amongst us like to keep the focus.


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