Pre-Sabbatical Entry #1

As I mentioned in a previous entry, I am going to be taking a sabbatical from Milwaukee United Soccer Club‘s day-to-day management in a few weeks, one that will extend through the start of November.  As a part of that process, today’s post will be me running through on paper (or the Internet equivalent of such) my thoughts about the upcoming time and what might/might not happen with it.

* The “next phase” of my life needs to finally elevate this gambit to the level where it justifies the decisions I have made over the past several years.

*  If it doesn’t get elevated, can I honestly stay doing what I am and be satisfied?  Can I “hang my hat” on my current situation without that piece of the puzzle?

*  Is there another direction I can take that will be more self-actualizing?  Am I too far gone (be it age-wise or career-wise) to rise up from my current life structure to get to that possible next phase?

*  With the scaling-back of non-essential work since my decision to “take a break”, my fandom for sport is returning and I can actually feel something for the action/participants versus viewing it all with a critical/detached eye.

*  What do I want my sabbatical to ultimately produce, both personally and professionally?  How much “work” do I want to do during my sabbatical to those ends?

This is a start.  I might update later today and will probably have a second entry of questions/thoughts before my sabbatical starts on August 15th.


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